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The Extra Divers dive center is located on the hotel grounds of the Brayka Bay Hotel, directly on the beach and has its own training pool. In front of the base there are two large sinks, a sink for lung machines and cameras as well as a large drying area. In our small shop you can buy t-shirts, jackets, swimwear, rifle shorts, ABC equipment and accessories. In the diving center, you will find snorkel equipment and all information about snorkel excursions with extra divers.

The EXTRA DIVERS dive center will be closed on December 10, 2017! At the moment it is not known if and who will take over the dive center. If you still want to dive with EXTRA DIVERS, you can do so at EXTRA DIVERS Equinox! A free shuttle will take guests to the dive center and back in about 10 minutes.

Extra Divers Marsa Alam
Extra Divers Marsa Alam

Diving/Dive spots

Extra Divers Brayka Bay are providing all divers delights: Our zodiacs will bring you with pleasure to the north or south side for a beautiful drift dive back into the bay. The protected bay and the house reef are perfect for all diving levels as for training and try scuba diving. It's possible to dive franging reef or offshore reef with drop offs or walls with beautiful hard and soft corals. The most beautiful dive sites in Egypt are located in the untouched reefs of Marsa Alam. The house reef is more than 100 meters long and 40 meters deep. The access is easy and only a couple of steps from the diving center. You can easily encounter different species of fish and observe beautiful hard and soft corals. You can also see sometimes whale shark! Otherwise you can see sharks, rays, moray eels, turtles, barracudas, eagle rays, lion fishes, Sea needles and many more. You may also have the chance to see dolphins. A straight tip: go and check out the artificial reef in the middle of the bay where you can find frog fish and scorpion fish of all kinds.
The guests also have the possibility to go to dive sites like Abu Dabab, with its turtles and dugongs or in Shab Marsa Alam, where you can find a 2 years old wreck. The zodiacs will pick you up from the dive center. In less than 15 minutes you'll be in the most beautiful reefs in the Red Sea, and it takes more or less 20 minutes the speed boat will bring you to the amazing Elphinstone reef with all its resident sharks, gorgeous gorgonians and impressive drop offs. A short trip by Jeeps or minibuses allows you to make shore dives along the coast.
Divers have the choice between house reef diving, zodiac trips, minibus trips and daily boat trips.
Since the beginning of March, Extra Divers Brayka Bay is providing a sensational organized trip to a beautiful wreck to Abu Gusum. The 65 Meters long freighter ‘Hamada’ sank 15 years ago and is situated about 100 km afar from Brayka Bay. Weekly daytrips by minibus are provides by our team, including a outstanding surface stop in a gorgeous mangrove-bay, where a tasty buffet is offered.

Team & Education

The dive center is professional managed by Detlef England and provides
diving courses according to SSI till Divecon, PADI till Divemaster, SDI-Solodiver and Pro-NRC bis 40% O2 in German, English and Arabian. The house reef and the own training pool
offering best training possibilities for beginners and first level students.
Also, the courses for the centers Apollo AV2 Scooter is permanent provided.


  • 80 new complete 'Aqualung' equipment sets
  • 5 Kids equipment sets
  • 200*12 l alu tanks
  • 15 l DIN-alu tanks
  • INT Adapter available
  • house reef
  • Nitrox for free
  • UW camera rental
  • 6* Apollo AV2-Scooter
  • own workshop
  • 240 closable equipment boxes for guests

Payment on-site

Bar in Euro, US Dollar und Ägyptische Pfund oder mit Kreditkarte. EC, Visa oder Mastercard zzgl. 3% Aufschlag.

Highlights & Specials

house reef, Nitrox for free, Abu Dahab, Elphinstone Reef, Shab Marsa Alam and Dolphinhouse (Shab Samadai), a marine national park with a dolphin-population of more than 150, beautiful hard- & soft coral-garden areas (even for beginners).


On location: daily permission fee of 2,- € per Person.

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