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The Liveaboard Saman Explorer operated a few years in Egypt, before.
The steel ship provides accommodation for 22 persons and is endued with a saloon, air condition, a sun deck to relax on as well as a spacious diving platform.
The international crew of 8 to 9 members consists of experienced staff, English is the language on board. The Saman Explorer is operated and managed by Extra Divers Worldwide.

Equipment and Cabines

Our customers are accommodated in 10 double cabins and 1 master cabin. All cabins are equipped with a silent air-conditioning system, reading lamps and charging stations. Of course each cabin has its own bathroom (even with rainforest shower head!). The cabins have 2 single beds (1m x 2m each). The master cabin (20 sqm) is located on the main deck, has a large double bed, window with a great view of the sea as well as desk and mini bar.


On board is full board offered, coffee, tea and water included.
The last night of the trip will be spent in Marriott Beach Hotel Mirbat, halfboard in the luxury hotel is also included. Please note, that there is no alcohol provided on board.


The Saman Explorer is used from November to mid-May for tours in the south of Oman, in the region around Salalah.

Best of Muscat tour:
From Sifah, we will take the highlights of Al Munassir Wreck, Fahal Islands and Kuriyat in the direction of Daymnaniyat Islands!

Transfer-Trip Muscat - Mirbat:
The transfer trip of the Saman Explorer offers guests on board a complete insight into the diversity of the Sultanate of Oman. At the beginning of the tour the fabulous dive sites of the region around Muscat are explored (Al Munassir Wreck, Fahal Islands and Kuriyat). Along the coast we head southwards: in 10 days, new and exciting diving spots will be discovered every time! The tour ends with wonderful dives on the famous Halaniayt Islands: humpback whales, pelargic mantaroches and huge dolphin schools are not a rarity here. Also off the coast of Mirbats, the last stop of the crossing, there are beautiful old wrecks and the masses of fish that make Oman a unique destination!

Regular Tour - Halaniyat Islands:
The Halaniyat Islands in the south of Oman offer the most diversified dive area of ​​the Sultanate! On the same latitude as the Maldives, the islands promise an extraordinary diversity of species and an incredible fish richness! Site loyalty Humpback whales, pelargic mantaroches, huge dolphin schools: the Halaniyats offer with some luck the complete range of what a diver wants to see underwater! Huge fish schools and some beautiful wrecks round off the experience on the Saman Explorer!


The tours runnig from Saturday to Saturday. 6 nights are spent on board, our guests will spend the last night at the 5-star Marriott Hotel in Mirbat.
On Saturday afternoon, the ship departs from the port of Mirbat. The tour takes you first along the coast. From the village of Hasik, the trip to the island group of Hallaniyat are beginning. The first of the islands is reached after 3-4 hours crossing. In the next few days, our guests are going to explore the dive sites around the five islands.
There are daily 3-4 dives provided, including night dives.

Disembarkation is on Friday afternoon in the harbor of Mirbat. From here, guests are accommodated at the Marriott Mirbat. On Saturday morning, it goes back to the airport for connecting flight back to Germany or a extension stay.

The diving area is untouched and yet poorly discovered. You may therefore expect everything. Of course we were already made some exploring dives.

Is also known, that the islands can boast a resident population of humpback whales. Look out for this huge giant. Certainly there is much more to discover. Several reefs, large groupers, mantas ... let us surprise you! And maybe you even feel a new wreck, because allegedly there are ships from the fleet of Vasco da Gama have fallen ...

The south of Oman is a destination with expedition character. Please note that the region is slowly opening up to tourism. All local agents are working hard to ensure you a smooth process, please do not expect perfection anyway. This is a destination for divers looking for adventure and a lot of pioneering spirit.


Radar, GPS, compass, radio, depth gauge, First Aid kits, Oxygen, life jackets, satellite phone

Technical Data

  • Length: 34 m
  • Width: 9 m
  • Engines: 2 x 720 hp Daewoo each
  • Power: 3 generators, 220 V
  • Compressors: 2 + Nitrox
  • 12l and 15l aluminum - and steel tanks
  • DIN and INT adaptors
  • Languages on board: English and German
  • 2 Dinghies (5.5 m) each 40 hp
  • equipment for rental (payment on site) is available by announcement in advanced
  • Nitrox for a fee (60 US$ per Person and week)

Payment on-site

To be paid on site: entry visa Oman 20,- OMR (Appr. 50 EUR) and on board 4 OMR dive permit per day, except at the Damaniyats where it is 6 OMR per day.
Nitrox surcharge per week: 60 US$
Please note: For costs on site, for the moment, cash payment only can be accepted.

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