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The Extra Divers dive center is located close to Flying Fish Cove, directly at the beach of Christmas Islands North-Eastern coast and is professionally and multilingual managed.

Diving/Dive spots

So far, Christmas Island has been known for its spectacular migration of up to 120 million crabs during the rainy season, but there is also a great deal to discover underwater!
The Christmas Island surrounding fringing reef is often located only a few meters from the beach and falls in fantastically overgrown walls to great depths. The reefs are in a prime condition, the fish stock natural, as virtually no commercial fishing is operated. From critters to nudibranchs, from pelagic mantas to turtles and all species of sharks, the waters around Christmas Island are a must-have for any diver, offering unforgettable dives of superlatives.
There are good prospects for whale shark encounters between November and May. Not only the steep walls and intact coral landscapes dominate the picture of the dives, encounters with big fish are very likely due to the exposed position of the island and the depth of the environment.
In the morning there will be a "2-tank" boat trip, in the afternoon single dives are possible. Each exit is limited to a maximum of 16 divers. Our convenient aluminum speedboat is equipped with 2 outboards each with 250hp and meets the high Australian safety regulations.

All divers on Christmas Island need a medical certificate and the proof of a valid diving insurance.

Team & Education

The new and spacious Extra Divers dive Center is professionally and multilingual managed by Hiro and Sandra Yoshida.
The training is multilingual, according to SSI and PADI standards, from beginner to instructor.


  • 12l aluminum and 7l children tanks (DIN connections, INT adapter available)
  • Brand new Aqualung complete kit for adults and children
  • Dive shop
  • Nitrox 32 for a fee (8 AUD per dive)
  • UW camera rental
  • First aid & oxygen emergency systems in the base and on the boat
  • robust & functional speedboat to australian standards (max 16 persons)

Payment on-site

Mastercard andVisacard are accepted in the dive Center.


The Hugh Dale Waterfall, The Blowholes, Margaret Knoll, the Grotto and Ethel & Lily Beach - just to name a few highlights!
At Christmas you can experience nature in its purest form. A holiday full of adventure, breathtaking scenery, incredible diving experiences and something completely different than other holiday destinations.

The trips on the island are for nature lovers and adventurous, who are also a jungle hike, where it can be a little dirty, do not be afraid!
Good hiking boots are definitely included in the luggage, if you want to do something else besides diving on the island.

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